Food & Nutrition Services


All meals and snacks served at the Home are strictly kosher and under the supervision of the Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut.

The Food Services Department at the Home is under the direction of a  Nutrition Manager.

Menus are posted and featured on flat screens near the entrance of the dining rooms on each unit.  All meals are served in the dining room.

Current meal times are scheduled with flexibility in mind.  Each unit trys to adapt meal times to the needs of the resident.  Starting times are:

  • Breakfast                                   8:30  a.m.

          Mid-Morning Refreshments       10:30 a.m.

  • Lunch                                     12:30 p.m.

          Afternoon Refreshments           3:30 p.m.        

  • Dinner/Supper                         5:30 p.m.

          Evening Refreshments              8:00 p.m.

Each day’s meals provide a variety of foods which meet the Standards of Canada’s Food Guide, the standards set by the Vaad Hakashrut and the nutritional needs of the residents.  Lunch and supper alternate between dairy and meat meals.  All meals include soup or salad, a choice of entree, vegetable and dessert.  On Fridays, there is the traditional Friday night meal welcoming the Sabbath.  Special menu items are featured on Jewish holidays.

Cold juices are served at mid-morning.  Additional refreshments, consisting of hot/cold beverages and snacks, are served at mid-afternoon and at bed time.  To help maintain residents hydration needs, water coolers are available on each unit and in the main lobby.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the celebration of community and cultural events.  Food Services focuses on the recognition of tradition and the enhancement of quality of life for the residents.

Only food sealed with an official kosher label is brought into the Home by the Food  & Nutrition Service department.

Dining Room:

The Nursing Department pre-arranges all seating in the dining room.  Guests may attend meals when space is available.  Current costs for meals is $8.00 (excluding High Holidays and Passover).

The Director of Food & Nutrition Services must be notified in advance to ensure adequate space and ample food.

Priority for any available space in the dining room is as follows:

  • Residents’ Relatives
  • Other Elderly Persons
  • Others Requesting Kosher Food

During holiday times, arrangements and confirmation of space must be made 7 days in advance to ensure adequate space and ample food.  Notices are sent to families to make these arrangements.


Food and beverages are carefully handled in our Home to prevent any possible food-borne illness or contamination.  Food may only be brought into the home for use by residents in their rooms.   Some foods require refrigeration, special storage, or could be harmful for those on special diets or medications.  Food should not be left in a resident’s room unless discussed with the Registered Nursing Staff.  Only non-perishable food should be brought in and must be stored in an airtight container and labelled with the resident’s name and the date it was received.


A congregational Kiddush is provided each Shabbat following morning services in the Abraham and Dora Lithwick Chapel. Individuals and families are invited to sponsor a Kiddush to help make Shabbat meaningful for Lodge residents. Kiddushes are reasonably priced, tax creditable and can be arranged by calling the LTC Foundation  at 613-728-3990.

Check out our new Kiddush menus here.

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