Laundry services are available six days a week.  All residents' clothing articles should be machine-washable, able to be dried in commercial dryers and clearly labelled with the resident’s name.   Families are asked to please ensure that any new or unlabelled clothing is given to the registered staff in charge and they will ensure that the items are permanently labelled.

Some families choose to launder the resident’s personal clothing items themselves.  If any families choose to launder the clothing on their own, a covered laundry hamper is to be brought in and placed in the resident’s bathroom.

Types of fabrics not suitable for the laundry include: wool and wool blends, silk, satin, suede, leather, fur, rayon, acetate, lace and lace edging with loose weaves.  Any clothing with laundering instructions that state: “NO bleach”, “air dry”, “flat dry”, or “dry clean only” are also not suitable.

Please Note:  If you choose to bring these clothing items in, Hillel Lodge will not be responsible for any damages that may occur.

Dry-cleaning services can be arranged by the Home and the resident/family will be responsible for all costs.  Payment will be made through the Resident’s Trust account.

Lost and Found

Clothing articles & valuables can occasionally be misplaced.  Should this occur, we urge families/residents  to check the designated “LOST & FOUND” area.  If articles are not found, it is important to notify the RN or RPN immediately so that we may search the Home to locate  the misplaced item.


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