Medical Services (see Nursing for other details)

Residents' on-going medical needs are provided for by the Medical Director and 3 Attending Physicians, who each visit the Lodge once per week, or as warranted.  A resident has the right to retain their own physician provided that the doctor abides by current legislation and the policies and procedures of the Home.



All medications are prescribed by the physician and dispensed by the Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse in-charge.


Medical Appointments:

Arrangements for any medical services outside of the Home are co-ordinated by the professional staff, under the auspices of the Attending Physician.  Family members are requested to accompany their relative to such appointments.  If family members are unable to do this, and the resident requires personal assistance, the registered staff will make other arrangements at a cost to the family.


Transportation costs to and from appointments are the responsibility of the Resident/Continuing Power of Attorney for Property.

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