Social Work

Most often the first point of contact (even prior to admission) is the Social Work department.  Social Workers are critical to helping those waiting to be admitted, new admissions and existing residents and their families cope with the challenges they may be experiencing as a result of a change in their living situations, lifestyle and health status.  Social Workers help by lending a friendly and understanding ear to those in need.   Social Workers assess  needs, identify causes of stress,  help improve communication between/among residents families and staff.   They also help the resident  enhance his or her  coping skills, provide counselling, find resources and act as advocates for those residents  unable to advocate for themselves.  To find out more information regarding admissions or the Department, contact the Director of Social Work, Programs and Support Services, Joanna Abrams at ext. 114 or email, or Linda Yeung, Social Service Worker, at ext. 790 or email


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